The mission of the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation is to raise funds to support research of effective treatment methods and ultimately a cure for melanoma.

Tara L. Miller, Esq., the founder of the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation, tragically lost her battle with melanoma on October 14, 2014, six weeks shy of her 30th birthday. However, it is not the loss of her life that this foundation remembers and honors, it is the extraordinary life that she led and the incredible legacy that she left behind that this foundation now proudly represents.  It is a legacy that represents unimaginable strength and positivity and an infectious love for life combined with unmatched humor and wit. Tara’s motto of “making the best of it” and “finding the silver lining” in every situation inspired everyone whose lives she touched.

In her speech at the 1st Annual Make The Best Of It Bash, Tara explained: “What I really want to do with this foundation is to help fund the research that will get us past just buying time and will hopefully provide a lifetime to melanoma patients.”

The Miller family funds all event and foundation costs so that every dollar raised goes directly to research and is 100% tax deductible.